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Denver X-ray Conference Program-at-a-Glance
4–8 August 2003

Sun. eve.: 5:30–7:30 Welcoming Reception Sponsored by: Bede Scientific, SPEX CertiPrep & Claisse Scientifique (Atrium)
Day & Time    XRD & XRF XRD XRF

Mon. am:


W-1 Technical Communication (Kaduk/Noyan) (A)

W-2 Optics (Misture/Cline) (B)

W-3 Rietveld Applications I (Kern/Faber) (C)


W-4 Specimen Preparation I – XRF (Broton/Anzelmo) (D)


Mon. pm:



W-5 Alignment & Standards (Misture/Cline) (B)

W-6 Rietveld Applications II (Kern/Faber) (C)

W-7 Specimen Preparation II – XRF (Broton/Anzelmo) (D)

W-8 Working Close to Detection Limits – XRF (Van Grieken) (A)

Mon. eve.: 
5:00–6:00  - ICDD Kick-off Announcement. Sponsored by ICDD (Evergreen E & F)
6:30–8:30  - PANalytical (formerly Philips Analytical) Reception and XRD Poster Session I (Noyan/Misture). 
Sponsored by PANalytical (Evergreen)
Tue. am:

  W-9 Two-Dimensional XRD I (He/Blanton) (A)

W-10 Backscatter Electron
Diffraction (Goehner) (B)

W-11 Fundamentals of XRF (Gilfrich) (C)

W-12 Quantitative Analysis I (Mantler) (D)

Tue. pm:

  W-13 Two-Dimensional XRD II (He/Blanton) (A)

W-14 High Resolution – XRD (Tanner/Bowen) (B)

W-15 Quantitative Analysis II (Mantler) (D)

W-16 Basic TXRF (Zaitz/Wobrauschek) (C)

Tue. eve.: 
6:30-8:30 MDI and Rigaku/MSC, Inc. Reception and XRD Poster Session II (Barton/Huang). 
Sponsored by: MDI and Rigaku/MSC, Inc. (Evergreen)
Wed. am: 8:30–12:10 Plenary Session: “X-ray Studies of Art & Archaeological Objects” (Mantler) (Evergreen)

Wed. pm:

C-1 New Developments in XRD & XRF Instrumentation
(Buhrke) (A)
D-1 Rietveld Applications (Kaduk)(B)

D-2 High Resolution – XRD(Tanner) (C)

F-1 Synchrotron Applications – XRF
(Jones) (D)
Wed. eve: 6:30–8:30  - Bruker AXS, Inc. Reception and XRF Poster Session (Havrilla/Zaitz). 
Sponsored by: Bruker AXS, Inc
Thurs. am:

C-2 Detectors & Sources
(Buhrke) (A)
D-3 Synchrotron Applications XRD
& Scattering (Lavoie/Eisebitt) (B)

D-4 Stress Analysis I
(Goldsmith/Watkins) (C)

F-2 TXRF (Zaitz) (D)
Thurs. pm:
C-3 X-ray Optics (Havrilla) (A)  D-5 Stress Analysis II
(Goldsmith/Watkins) (C)

D-6 Industrial Applications XRD
(Snyder/Hubbard) (B)

F-3 Quantitative XRF (Gilfrich/Elam)
Fri. am:

C-4 Cement Analysis
(Yellepeddi) (A)

C-5 Software – 1/4 day (Huang) (B)

C-6 Pharmaceuticals – 1/4 day (Huang) (B)

D-7 Catalysis (Lowe-Ma/
Ringwelski/Drews) (C)
F-4 Problem Solving/Industrial
Applications – XRF (Anzelmo) (D)

All sessions and workshops will be held in a section of the Evergreen Ballroom – Sections A, B, C or D. Any changes to the Program will be reflected in the Book of Abstracts and here on the Denver X-ray Conference web page.

For more information please contact Denise Zulli - zulli@icdd.com