50th Annual (2001) Denver X-ray Conference™
Sheraton Steamboat Resort
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.
30 July – 3 August

2001 Denver X-ray Conference™ > Hayden Airport Announcement
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA - 30th July - 3rd August 2001


The Hayden airport will be closed from July 31 - August 9.

From the Denver International airport you can either rent a car, or book a shuttle with the Alpine Taxi service:

Alpine Taxi:
Phone: 800-343-7433
Dial direct: 970-879-2800
Fax: 970-879-0979
website: www.alpinetaxi.com

Cost: $65 one way per person
$120 round trip per person

Schedule times vary, call and make an appointment.

Kitty Ward Travel has assured ICDD that any attendee who booked a flight from DIA to Hayden, through their agency, will receive a full refund

For more information please contact Denise Zulli - zulli@icdd.com