The 2002 Denver X-ray Conference
Antlers Adam's Mark Hotel

(formerly Antlers Doubletree Hotel)
Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.
29th July - 2nd August 2002

Denver X-ray Conference - sponsored by the International Centre for Diffraction Data

The 2002 Denver X-ray Conference was a great success. 
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Jerome B. Cohen Student Award



Sun. eve.: 5:30-7:30 Welcoming Reception Sponsored by: Bede Scientific, SPEX CertiPrep and Claisse Scientifique (Summit)

Day & Time XRD & XRF XRD XRF
MON. am:
  W-1 Texture Analysis I
Schaeben (Learning Center)
W-2 Methods of Phase ID
Jenkins, Faber, Fawcett (Carson)
W-3 Fundamentals of XRF
Gilfrich/Croke (Summit I & II)
W-4 Layered Materials
Dirken (Fremont)
MON. pm:
  W-5 Texture Analysis II
Schaeben (Learning Center)
W-6 Advances in DB Technology
Faber (Carson)
W-7 Specimen Preparation I
Broton (Summit I & II)
W-8 Polarized X-ray Optics
Chappell (Summit III)
Mon. eve.: 6:30-8:30 Philips Analytical Reception and XRD Poster Session I. Sponsored by: Philips Analytical
(Noyan/Rendle) (Summit)
TUE. am:
W-9 Optics
Havrilla/Al-Mosheky (Carson)
W-10 Rietveld Applications I
Kaduk (Summit III)
W-11 Specimen Preparation II
Broton (Summit I & II)
W-12 Mathematical Methods
Mantler (Fremont)
TUE. pm:
  W-13 Rietveld Applications II
Kaduk (Summit III)
W-14 Line Broadening
Makinson (Carson)
W-15 Quantitative Analysis –
Standardless Methods
Anzelmo (Summit I & II)
Zaitz (Learning Center)
Tue. eve.: 6:30-8:30 MDI and Rigaku/MSC, Inc. Reception and XRD Poster Session II. Sponsored by: MDI and
Rigaku/MSC, Inc. (Huang/Barton) (Summit)
Wed. am: 8:30-12:30 Plenary Session: “Applications of X-ray Analysis to Forensic Materials”
(Rendle/Jenkins) (Summit III)
WED. pm:
C-1 New Developments in XRD &
XRF Instrumentation
Buhrke (Carson)
C-2 Synchrotron Applications I
Lavoie/Ludwig (Summit II)
D-1 Rietveld Applications I
Kaduk (Fremont)
D-2 Thin Films
Huang (Summit I)
Wed. eve: 6:30 – 8:30 Bruker AXS, Inc. Reception and XRF Poster Session. Sponsored by: Bruker AXS, Inc.
(Zaitz/Taniguchi) (Summit)
THURS. am:
C-3 Synchrotron Applications II
Lavoie/Ludwig (Summit II)
D-3 Rietveld Applications II
Kaduk (Fremont)
D-4 Industrial Applications of
Snyder/Hubbard (Summit III)
F-1 Quantitative XRF
Gilfrich/Vrebos (Summit I)
THURS. pm:
C-4 Microbeam Analysis
Havrilla (Summit II)
D-5 Industrial Applications of
Snyder/Hubbard (Summit III)
D-6 Neutron Diffraction
Üstündag/Bourke (Fremont)
F-2 Polarized X-ray Optics
Chappell/Ryon (Summit I)
FRI. am:
C-5 X-ray Optics
Gao/Havrilla (Summit II)
D-7 Stress Analysis
Goldsmith (Fremont)
F-3 Problem Solving/Industrial
Applications of XRF
Broton (Summit I)