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2004 Denver X-ray Conference Program
2-6 August, Sheraton Steamboat Resort, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.

Plenary Special Sessions:
Red Hot X-rays (Prewitt/Snyder) Joint XRD & XRF XRD XRF
Synchrotron Applications I (Lavoie)

Synchrotron Applications II (Lavoie)

Thin Films (Huang)

New Developments in XRD & XRF Instr. (Anzelmo)

Microbeam Analysis (Havrilla/Miller)

X-ray Optics (Misture)

Detectors & Sources (Huang)

Stress Analysis (Goldsmith)

Rietveld Applications (Kaduk)

Parallel Beam Diffraction (Snyder/Misture)

Polymers (Full day) (Murthy/Gardner)

Small Angle Scattering (Londono/Murthy)

Industrial Applications of XRD (Snyder/Hubbard)

Quantitative XRF (Gilfrich)

Trace Analysis (Zaitz)

Problem Solving/Industrial Applications- XRF (Anzelmo)



XRD I Poster Session XRD II Poster Session XRF Poster Session


How to do Synchrotron Experiments (Noyan/Misture/Kaduk)

X-ray Physics (Elam)

Principles and Use of Microdiffraction & Microfluorescence (Blanton)

Optics (Havrilla/Misture)

Small Angle Scattering (Londono/Murthy)

Microbeam X-ray Stress Analysis (Noyan)

Rietveld Applications (Full Day) (Kern/Faber)

Specimen Preparation - XRD (Fawcett)

Total Pattern Analysis (Faber/Fawcett/Snyder)

Specimen Preparation - XRF (Full Day) (Anzelmo/Broton)

Thin Film XRF Analysis (Dirken)

Quantitative XRF (Full Day) (Mantler)

Fundamentals of XRF (Creasy)




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