Exhibits for the 2015 Denver
X-ray Conference are now available!

Space is assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis so don’t delay! Click below to view our exhibit packet, complete with floor plan, application form and sponsorship opportunities!


floor plan


Exhibitor Application Process

1. Exhibit booths are assigned on a first come / first serve basis and must be accompanied with full payment.

2. Once your application has been processed, your booth space will be assigned. Two copies of the exhibit contract, and the Rules and Regulations for exhibiting at DXC will be mailed to you. It is mandatory that both copies of the  contract are signed and returned to ICDD.

3. Freeman Decorating will send you a link to their online kit.

4. All exhibitors will be required to forward a Certificate of Insurance; details are included in the Rules and Regulations.

5. Exhibitor attendance forms are due on 1 July 2015.

6. Sponsorship opportunities are assigned on a first come / first serve basis. Platinum and Gold Sponsors will receive preferred choice on booth preferences if sponsorship application is received by 2 March 2015.

7. For additional information contact Denise Zulli: at 610.325.9814 or zulli@icdd.com.








Freeman Set Up

Sunday, 8:00 am—5:00 pm (estimated)

Exhibitor Set Up

5:00 pm (estimated)-
9:00 pm

8:00 am-
8:00 pm


Exhibit Hours

10:00 am-
5:00 pm

12:00 pm-
7:00 pm

10:00 am -
4:00 pm

Exhibitor Tear Down



4:00 pm-
7:00 pm

DXC and TXRF Exhibitors as of July:

Booth(s): 20
Website: www.amptek.com
Email: sales@amptek.com
Phone: 781-275-2242

Amptek’s FAST SDD® detectors perform at 10 times the throughput of a standard SDD with typical resolution of 125 eV FWHM at 8 µs peaking time, or 155 eV FWHM at 0.2 µs and 1,000,000 counts per second.  Also available – high performance, standard SDD detectors and Si-PIN detectors.  Amptek offers simple to use, low-cost systems that are ideal for laboratory and field use and for OEMs developing table-top or hand-held XRF analyzers.  Amptek – OEMs #1 choice.

Angstrom, Inc.
Booth(s): 27
Website: www.angstrom-inc.com
Email: sales@angstrom-inc.com
Phone: 734-697-8058

Angstrom manufactures the well known TE250 Laboratory Ring Pulverizer and 4451AE Laboratory Briquet Press for preparation of various types of samples for X-ray analysis. Both products are built to last, providing many years of service and are rugged enough to handle the toughest workloads. A programmable version of the 4451AE Press is also available and will be on display at the Angstrom booth. A complete line of aluminum sample cups are offered to complement the 4451AE Briquet Press.

Anton Paar
Booth(s): 8
Website: www.anton-paar.com
Email: info.us@anton-paar.com
Phone: 804-550-1051

With more than 2000 employees worldwide, Anton Paar provides a dense customer support network. The company offers the most comprehensive range of attachments for non-ambient XRD and is a major supplier of small-angle X-ray equipment worldwide. The SAXSpace system is the most versatile small-and-wide-angle X-ray scattering set-up on the market.

AXO DRESDEN GmbH / Huber Diffraction Equipment
Booth(s): 30
Website: www.axo-dresden.de; www.xhuber.com
Email: contact@axo-dresden.de
Phone: 49-351-250897-20

AXO DRESDEN is a specialist for high precision deposition and multilayer coatings and will present latest developments in multilayer X-ray optics for 1- and 2-dimensional diffraction applications (from Cr K- to Ag K-radiation) and soft X-ray polarization (< 1keV), broadband/bandpass multilayer mirrors as well as thin film X-ray fluorescence reference samples. HUBER DIFFRACTION is a manufacturer of precise positioning and diffraction equipment for laboratory, synchrotron and neutron applications.

Booth(s): 11, 12, 13
Website: www.bruker.com
Email: info@bruker.com
Phone: 608-276-3000

Bruker AXS is the worldwide leading supplier of advanced X-ray solutions.  Continual innovation in X-ray sources, optics, detectors, software and sample handling ensures that Bruker is able to offer a solution for virtually any X-ray analytical task.  Visit us at booth 11 to see the latest innovations in diffraction and fluorescence systems, including our D8 DISCOVER, D8 ADVANCE, D2 PHASER, S2 PUMA, S2 PICOFOX and M4 TORNADO. Unique classroom and online trainings complete the Bruker product portfolio.

Cambridge University Press
Booth(s): 48
Email: info@cambridge.org
Phone: 212-337-5000       

Cambridge University Press is delighted to publish Powder Diffraction on behalf of the International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD). We also publish Microscopy and Microanalysis and Microscopy Today for the Microscopy Society of America (MSA), and the print and online journals of the Materials Research Society (MRS). Join Cambridge Journals Online for free at http://journals.cambridge.org/, stay up to date with the latest research from a broad list of titles, sign up for new content alerts, and more.

Booth(s): 41
Website: www.canberra.com
Email: salessupport@canberra.com
Phone: 203-238-2351

Canberra is the leading supplier of innovative and cost-effective nuclear measurement solutions and services used to maintain safety of personnel, assess the health of nuclear facilities and safeguard the public and the environment. Applications for CANBERRA offerings include health physics, nuclear power operations, Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS), nuclear safeguards, nuclear waste management, environmental radiochemistry and other areas.

Chemplex Industries, Inc.
Booth(s): 1, 2
Website: www.chemplex.com
Email: sales@chemplex.com
Phone: 772-283-2700

A leading global provider of XRF Sample Preparation Products including Pelletizing presses with integrated dies, grinding machines and a variety of standards. The new SpectroPulverizer, In-Field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit features a battery powered grinder/pelletizer with accessories in a convenient rugged hard case. We also manufacture over 40 different varieties of sample cups and thin-film sample supports including our exclusive SpectroMembrane® thin-film carrier frame.  Our products are manufactured on-site with exclusive SpectroCertified® quality control to guarantee the best performance.
Booth(s): 49
Website: www.claisse.com
Email: maprovencher@claisse.com
Phone: 1-418-656-6453

Claisse provides instruments, consumables and services in sample preparation by fusion for XRF, ICP and AA analysis. Our experts attach a great deal of importance to added-value, productivity and 100% customer satisfaction. Stop by our booth to know more about our new fusion instrument, a high-quality product that perfectly meets today’s realities in the laboratory.
Booth(s): 32
Website: www.dectris.com
Email: info@dectris.com
Phone:  + 41 56 500 2100

DECTRIS is the technology leader in X-Ray detection. The DECTRIS photon counting detectors have transformed basic research at synchrotron light sources, as well as in the laboratory and with industrial X-Ray applications. DECTRIS aims to continuously improve the measurement quality, thereby enabling new scientific findings. This pioneering technology is the basis of a broad range of products, all scaled to meet the needs of various applications. DECTRIS also provides solutions for customer developments in scientific and industrial X-Ray detection.

Excillum AB
Booth(s): 14
Website: www.excillum.com
Email: info@excillum.com
Phone: 46 8 750 9660

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Excillum makes the world's brightest microfocus x-ray tubes, the MetalJet tubes. The MetalJet x-ray tubes are conventional microfocus tubes with the solid-metal anode replaced by a liquid-metal jet. A metal-jet anode is continuously regenerated and already in the molten stage. Thereby, the classical power limit of an x-ray source, when the anode is permanently damaged by the electron beam, no longer applies. Please come by our booth, and we will tell You more about our technology!

Fischer Technology, Inc. / IFG
Booth(s): 16
Website: www.ifg-adlershof.de
Email: ifg@fischer-technology.com
Phone: 860-683-0781

Fischer Technology, Inc. and IFG - Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH are world leaders in the field of high quality measurement technology and components for the analytical industry. Fischer Technology and IFG offer measurement instruments for coating thickness, material testing, nanoindentation, and material analysis. Products include XRF-spectrometers as well as high precision halo-free capillary optics for beam shaping of X-rays, the iMOXS modular X-ray source, and X-ray windows. Our products are used in process-near in and off-line metrology.

Heraeus Platinum Labware
Booth(s): 3
Website: www.ptlabware.com
Email: heraeus-platinum-labware@heraeus.com
Phone: 480-392-6657

Heraeus is a global manufacturer and refiner of precious metals. Our Platinum Labware division manufactures Crucibles, Dishes, Electrodes and semi-finished products (wire, sheet, tube) in Pt, Au, Rh, Ir. Every major Automatic Fusion Machine can be fitted with our XRF Crucibles, Casting Dishes, and high-purity Lithium Borate Flux. Working directly with the manufacturer, the highest value can be recovered from used Labware and applied to your order. All our products are supported by world-class customer service and technical support.

Herzog Automation Corp.
Booth(s): 19
Website: www.herzogautomation.com
Email: info@herzogautomation.com
Phone: 440-891-9777

Herzog Automation Corp. is the leading supplier of manual and fully automatic sample preparation systems for spectrographic and X-ray analysis, tube delivery systems for sample transport, and laboratory automation for the steel, aluminum, cement and mining industries.  Please visit our website at www.herzogautomation.com for our full product line.

Hitachi High Techologies Science America Inc.
Booth(s): 45
Website: www.hitachi-hitec-science.us
Email: info@hitachi-hitec-science.us
Phone: 818-280-0745

Hitachi High-Technologies Science America, Inc.’s Vortex® line of Silicon Drift X-ray Detectors deliver high resolution, stable peak position and consistent performance at extremely high count rates. Developed and customizable for demanding synchrotron applications, including UHV conditions, the LN2 free Vortex® is the ‘champion performer’ on many beam lines. Rugged reliability and a wide range of sizes (30, 50, 65 and 100 mm2) make these detectors a compelling choice for experimental stations and instrument applications. The Vortex® is available in single, three (focal point design) and four element configurations. Experience the benefits of our 1mm thick detector, which provides better quantum efficiency at higher energies! 

HORIBA Scientifić
Booth(s): 25
Website: www.horiba.com/scientific
Phone: 732-494-8660

HORIBA Scientific manufactures high performance Raman instrumentation, fluorescence & EDXRF microscopes for rapid spectroscopy and imaging.  Our SLFA sulfur-in-oil analyzers offer cost effective methods to measure new low sulfur fuels, diesel and RG. Our Micro-XRF analyzers include XGT X-ray fluorescence micro-analyzers combining fast, non-destructive elemental analysis of EDXRF with the ability to pinpoint individual particles with diameters down to 10 µm, while automated sample scanning provides detailed images of element distribution over areas as large as 10cm x 10cm.

Booth(s): 9, 10
Website: www.icdd.com
Email: marketing@icdd.com
Phone: 610-325-9814

Over the past 74 years, our mission has focused on meeting the needs of the scientific community through the publication of the Powder Diffraction File™ and by providing forums for the exchange of ideas and information. Release 2015 of the Powder Diffraction File™ databases boasts over 817,000 unique entries.  These material identification databases, designed for rapid materials identification, are interfaced with diffractometers and data analysis systems of the world’s leading software developers and manufacturers of X-ray equipment.

INEL, Inc.
Booth(s): 35
Website: www.inel.us
Email: info@inel.us
Phone: 603-778-9161

Serving the X-ray diffraction community for over 30 years, Inel is one of the world's leading suppliers of quality x-ray diffractometer systems incorporating curved or linear position sensitive detectors.  Built for speed and resolution, our Equinox product line ranges from bench top models to large laboratory instruments.  Applications include powders, combinatorial chemistry and materials analysis, micro-diffraction, polymers, capillaries, in situ, on-line, transmission and reflection, small angle scattering, reflectometry, texture analysis, thin films, and variable temperature dynamic studies.

Inrad Optics, Inc.
Booth(s): 29
Website: www.inradoptics.com
Email: sales@inradoptics.com
Phone: 201-767-1910

X‐ray monochromator assemblies and high precision x‐ray optics: Monochromator assemblies include toroid and ellipsoid shaped glass backings, onto which thinned crystals are contact mounted to achieve x‐ray spot sizes from 10 to 100 microns for Wavelength Dispersive X‐Ray Fluorescence and X‐Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy applications. High precision optics include cylindrical, spherical and flats to λ/20 slope error at < 0.5nm finish specifications.

Booth(s): 33
Website: www.jeolusa.com
Email: salesinfo@jeol.com
Phone: 978-535-5900

New ElementEye, JSX-1000S reveals a new dimension of analytical capability for a wide range of sample types. Easy-to-use, smart solution for high-sensitivity elemental analysis in a benchtop EDXRF spectrometer. Analyzes major to trace components on most sample types - solids, powders, and liquids - with little or no sample prep.  Complements SEM, EPMA, NMR, and mass spectrometry analyses with qualitative and quantitative results in minutes. High-sensitivity analysis can be performed across the energy range. Visit us to learn more details.

Booth(s): 31
Website: www.ketek.net
Email: info@ketek.com
Phone: 49 89 67346770

As the leading manufacturer of Silicon Drift Detectors, KETEK is offering a broad Silicon Drift Detector portfolio with collimated areas from 7mm² up to unprecedented 150mm². With our ultra-low-capacitance VITUS-CUBE series, energy resolutions below 123eV with P/B ratios > 25.000 and count rates up to 2 Mcps at peaking times down to 50ns are achievable. KETEKs modern analogue and digital signal processing electronics series has been extended to support even more tailored OEM solutions, optimized for VITUS-CUBE SDDs.

Materials Data, INC.
Booth(s): 4, 5
Website: www.materialsdata.com
Email: mdi@materialsdata.com
Phone: 925-449-1084

MDI (www.MaterialsData.com) creates software for X-ray Powder Diffraction. Our products for XRD Analysis and Instrument Control are strongly embraced world-wide. We’re a group of PhD Materials Scientists with a vision for better methods to analyze, characterize, quantify and simulate both the exotic and routine. For over 25 years we have continued to bring break-through ideas and methods to the XRD community. Visit our booths at DXC for a demo of all the latest Jade software tools as well as a closer look at the rest of the MDI’s software products for XRD professionals and students.

Materion Electrofusion
Booth(s): 55
Website: www.materion.com
Email: electrofusion@materion.com
Phone: 510-623-1500

NEW:  Impermion™ Corrosion-Resistant x-ray window assemblies provide excellent corrosion resistance and excellent transmissivity.  Beryllium and beryllium oxide (BeO) windows and assemblies for X-ray tubes and detectors – high purity (99.8%), vacuum tight, as thin as 8µm.  Artifact-free IS-50M® grade beryllium for use in mammography and other sensitive oncology applications.  Thin film metallic target coatings for transmission X-ray tubes.  High temperature (960° C) brazing and rapid prototyping service available.

Micromatter Technologies, Inc.
Booth(s): 36
Website: www.micromatter.com
Email: sales@micromatter.com
Phone: 604-221-2286

MICROMATTER has provided XRF calibration materials for more than 40 years. Our products include air quality standards, thick and multi-element standards. We also provide metallic, semiconductor, polymer, insulator and exotic thin films, foils, cathodes and coatings for x-ray windows, targets, tubes and detectors, as well as DLC foils. Recent developments include novel composite windows for low-energy X-ray detectors.

Mikron Digital Instruments, Inc.
Booth(s): 17, 18
Website: www.mikrondigitalinstruments.com
Email: inst@mikrondigital.com
Phone: 734-525-2680

Mikron Digital Instruments provides XRF/XRD sample preparation equipment. Mikron’s AplaStar-55 Ring Pulverizer is “The Quiet One” a 55db Ring and puck (swing mill) grinder with 5 speeds/programs. Our Programmable Stepping Presses include the Maximus 40T Floor Standing Powder Press and the Prensa-30T Bench-Top Press, each can store 10 programs. Mikron’s 10” touch-screen display allows program selection for Step/Hold or Ramp to pressure, dwell at pressure and pressure release via computer control. Mikron sells and services mills, presses and we provide parts and service for V-950 OE Spectrometers.  800-925-3905 www.mikrondigitalinstruments.com

Molecular Dimensions
Booth(s): 54
Website: www.moleculardimensions.com
Email: usorders@moleculardimensions.com
Phone: 877-479-4339

Molecular Dimensions is the only factory authorized independent tech support/sales center in the Americas for Oxford Cryosystems.
• On-site service 
• Various service contracts uniquely tailored for specific needs and budgets
• Factory trained engineers with over fifteen years experience 
• Routine service parts in stock for quick delivery

Solutions for powder diffraction
Oxford Cryosystems’ technology is used in leading laboratories around the world. From software for powder phase identification to our range of cooling & heating devices for materials research, we offer a wide range of solutions.

Moxtek, Inc.
Booth(s): 42, 43
Website: www.moxtek.com
Email: info@moxtek.com 
Phone: 1-418-656-6453

Moxtek is a leading supplier of enabling nano-optical and X-ray technology used in display electronics, imaging, and analytical instrumentation. Moxtek provides innovative, solution-based products focused on performance, quality, and value. Moxtek X-ray products enable compact handheld and benchtop elemental analysis for positive material identification. Moxtek products are used in EDXRF systems for environmental screening, hazardous substance analysis, and sorting and recycling. Moxtek products are optimal for low-Z elemental analysis in electron microscopy.

Booth(s): 39
Website: www.nanoXRF.com
Email: sales@nanoXRF.com
Phone: 817-840-3248

nanoXRF, a nanoRANCH company is a division of  UHV Technologies, Inc. with extensive R&D, service and manufacturing capabilities in Fort Worth, TX and Lexington, KY. The current R&D projects include high throughput in-line XRF for aluminum alloy sorting, TXRF based mercury continuous emissions monitor, in-line XRF for metallic contamination measurement during pharmaceutical manufacturing and  and nano-layered free-standing low-Z thin films (diamond and boron) for stripper foils and x-ray windows. Our products include diamond and DLC films and coatings, x-ray multi-layer coatings, DLC stripper foils, XRF standards, particularly our proprietary nano-standards, metallic alloy standards, and hard to find thick standards. We also provide XRF and TXRF services for various industries. In addition, R&D and prototyping services for high technology devices and products are also available. We also manufacture thin film equipment such as sputtering, evaporation and PECVD systems.

Oxford Cryosystems
Booth(s): 53
Website: www.oxcryo.com
Email: info@oxcryo.com
Phone:  + 44 1993 883488

Oxford Cryosystems’ technology is used in leading laboratories around the world. From our Crystallographica Search Match software for powder phase identification to our range of cooling & heating devices for materials research, we firmly believe we offer a truly global solution. Our systems designed specifically for powder diffraction include:

  • Cryostream Compact: Open flow cooling and heating for capillary samples: 80 – 500 Kelvin
  • PheniX: Very low temperatures  for flat plate powder samples: 12- 290 Kelvin
  • Chimera: Cooling and heating chamber for flat plate powder samples: 70- 525 Kelvin
  • PheniX Front Loader: Fast and cold- loading for sensitive samples: cryostat, offering 40 – 315 Kelvin
  • Crystallographica Search Match: Powder phase identification software

Booth(s): 56, 57, 58, 59
Website: www.panalytical.com
Email: ask@panalytical.com
Phone: 508-647-1100

Elemental excellence - PANalytical delivers it with the new XRF platform Zetium, embodying SumXcore technology – an integration of WDXRF, EDXRF and XRD. This unique combination puts Zetium in a class of its own for analytical power, speed and task flexibility.  Our versatile and future-proof Empyrean XRD gets a new tool for diffraction and beyond – the GaliPIX3D detector, with unsurpassed efficiency, dynamic range and resolution, especially for hard radiation applications like CT and PDF.  Come see how PANalytical can help you get insight into your analytical challenges.

Premier Lab Supply, Inc.
Booth(s): 15
Website: www.premierlabsupply.com
Email: info@premierlabsupply.com
Phone: 772-873-1700

NEW! The electric xrFuse 2 fusion machine available from PREMIER Labs is engineered to prepare permanent and homogeneous fused beads under accurate reproducible conditions. The system brings 25 years of fusion technology to deliver best in class contamination free performance; it represents the best elements and established fusion range with significant advances in safety and design, as well as the latest thermal imaging technology; the xrFuse 2 is designed with the customer in mind; also new and available this year is our Drift Monitors. The main use of an XRF monitor sample is to correct for instrumental drift over time. Stop by our booth for more product information.

Proto Manufacturing, Inc.
Booth(s): 37 & 38
Website: www.protoxrd.com  
Email: proto@protoxrd.com
Phone: 734-946-0974

PROTO is a leading manufacturer of portable and laboratory based x-ray diffraction (XRD) systems. Our product line includes residual stress & retained austenite measurement systems, powder diffraction, Laue single crystal orientation, X-ray tubes and custom XRD systems. Our AXRD Benchtop powder diffraction system provides a low cost alternative for powder diffraction. This compact, easy to maintain system is ideal for Phase Identification, Quantitative Analysis or Structure Analysis. Measurement services are also available through ISO 17025 laboratories in the United States, Canada and Japan.

Pulstec USA, Inc.
Booth(s): 7
Website: www.pulstec.net
Email: toshi@pulstec.net
Phone: 310-316-8185

Pulstec provides non-destructive X-ray diffraction(XRD) based stress analyzer.
This small, light-weight, low-cost, low-radiation-dose, fast-cycletime analyzer can measure Residual-Stress, FWHM and Retained-Austenite by detecting the full Debye ring's profile from single incident X-ray angle. Ideal to use in a lab and field.

Rigaku Americas Corporation
Booth(s): 21, 22, 23
Website: www.rigaku.com
Email: info@rigaku.com
Phone: 281-362-2300

Rigaku manufactures a complete range of XRD and XRF instruments and components for research, testing, industrial process control, and products development. Systems include the MiniFlex benchtop XRD and Supermini 200 benchtop WDXRF systems, the Ultima IV and SmartLab® multi-purpose diffractometers with SAXS and in-plane capabilities, D/MAX RAPID II micro-diffraction systems, S-MAX3000 small angle scattering systems, and the ZSX Primus series of high-powered WDXRF spectrometers with mapping capabilities, in either tube-above or tube-below configurations.
Rigaku Innovative Technologies
Booth(s): 24
Website: www.rigaku.com
Email: info@rigaku.com
Phone: 281-362-2300

Rigaku manufactures a complete range of XRD and XRF instruments and components for research, testing, industrial process control, and products development. Systems include the MiniFlex benchtop XRD and Supermini 200 benchtop WDXRF systems, the Ultima IV and SmartLab® multi-purpose diffractometers with SAXS and in-plane capabilities, D/MAX RAPID II micro-diffraction systems, S-MAX3000 small angle scattering systems, and the ZSX Primus series of high-powered WDXRF spectrometers with mapping capabilities, in either tube-above or tube-below configurations.
SGX Sensortech (MA) Ltd
Booth(s): 60
Website: www.sgxsensortech.com
Email: sales.ma@sgxsensortech.com
Phone: 44 (0) 1628 533060

SGX Sensortech’s (formerly e2v Scientific Instruments) Sirius SDD product line includes specialist EDXRF detectors for the OEM industrial markets and for scientific research (synchrotron, PIXE, laboratory XRF etc). We offer a full range of single and multi-element SDD and Si(Li) detector products with individual sensor active areas ranging from 7mm2 to 170mm2 active area. Additionally, SGX provides a series of digital signal processors which, together with our comprehensive detector range, are designed to satisfy the requirements of today's analytical applications.

Shimadzu Scientific Instr., Inc.
Booth(s): 34
Website: www.ssi.shimadzu.com
Phone: 800-477-1227

Shimadzu offers an array of X-Ray spectrometers, including the new EDX-7000/8000 series. Suitable for advanced materials research and general screening analysis, these systems feature a state-of-the-art electronically cooled semiconductor detector. This offers a high fluorescent X-ray count per unit time for increased throughput, and does not require liquid nitrogen, which reduces costs. Other features include five primary filters for high-sensitivity analysis of trace elements and a sample observation camera and X-ray beam collimator. Easy-to-use software offers intuitive operation, pre-loaded methods, and user-customized reports.

Spectro Analytical Instruments
Booth(s): 6
Website: www.spectro.com
Email: spectro-usa.sales@ametek.com
Phone: 201-642-3000

Members of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments and EDAX are worldwide leading suppliers of analytical instruments, employing optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry technology, used for the elemental analysis of materials in industry, research and academia. SPECTRO  just launched the SPECTROSCOUT for at-line QC monitoring.   EDAX XLNCE XRF analyzers provide non-destructive, composition and coating thickness measurement and analysis on virtually all materials. They are an excellent choice for R&D, process development, process control, and failure analysis.

SPEX SamplePrep/Katanax
Booth(s): 40
Website: www.spexsampleprep.com
Email: sampleprep@spex.com
Phone: 732-623-0465

For over 60 years, SPEX SamplePrep has manufactured superior sample preparation equipment for X-Ray and XRF analysis. Our Katanax K2 Prime is a powerful, automated, electric fusion fluxer that prepares glass beads for XRF analysis. It has a throughput of 24-30 samples per hour. The X-Press is an automated, 35-ton, hydraulic laboratory press that presses sample pellets for XRF, IR in minutes. Stop by our booth to see our innovative equipment and ask about your tradeshow discount.

Techno-X. Co., Ltd.
Booth(s): 50
Website: http://techno-x.co.jp
Email: info@techno-x.co.jp
Phone:  +81 (0)6 6323 1100

Techno-X is a company which supplies Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence instruments, gamma ray instruments and special detectors. Our EDXRF performs high sensitivity (several tens to several hundreds ppb for wide elements range) and high angular resolution combined with wave dispersive and energy dispersive methods. Our new superconducting tunnel junction detector has better energy resolution (better than 60eV) than conventional SDD.  This detector has wider effective area and has capability of higher count rate.  Gamma ray instruments are also provided.

Thermo Scientific
Booth(s): 51, 52
Website: www.thermoscientific.com
Email: analyze.us@thermofisher.com
Phone: 608-276-6100

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, offers a large variety of high-end analytical instruments using various techniques, in particular X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF/EDXRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) equipment, for spectrochemical/phase analysis of all types of materials (solids, liquids, powders). The Thermo Scientific™ ARL PERFORM'X sequential WDXRF can analyze samples from 35mm diameter down to 0.5mm spots and perform elemental cartography as well allowing analysis of non-homogeneous samples. The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ QUANT'X EDXRF Spectrometer has become even more powerful thanks to a newly introduced Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) in addition to its well-known high performance Peltier Cooled Si(Li) detector, enabling much better performance for both light and heavy elements analysis. Learn more on www.thermoscientific.com/xray

Booth(s): 47
Website: www.xia.com
Email: sales@xia.com
Phone: 510-401-5760

XIA LLC develops and sells advanced signal processing solutions for X-ray and gamma-ray detectors and related instruments, including OEM, for applications in research, industry and homeland security. Our core technology is high-performance digital pulse processors, available in both flexible stand-alone and dedicated embedded configurations, as well as multi-channel configurations. From low power, handheld spectrometry through extremely high count rate applications to integrated multi-element systems, XIA provides solutions that advance the state of the art yet are affordably priced.

Booth(s): 26
Website: www.xos.com
Email: info@xos.com
Phone: 518-880-1500

XOS is a provider of mission-critical materials-analysis equipment for industries and regulators that must control material quality and performance, from consumer products (e.g., toys) to electronics to the petroleum industry. XOS leverages its world leadership in X-ray optics to supply application-specific analyzers that measure environmental and product contaminants such as lead, cadmium, chlorine, and sulfur. As a supplier to the analytical-instrument companies, XOS offers X-ray optics and sub-systems to enhance analytical performance in X-ray instruments.

XRF Scientific Americas (formerly KPL Scientific, Inc.)
Booth(s): 46
Website: www.kplscientific.com
Email: hcoutu@kplscientific.com
Phone: 514-871-8755

An XRF Scientific Company, we supply the platinum ware for all the X-Ray fluorescence machines and a full range of Li Tetraborate and Li Metaborate granular fluxes with integrated additives.  Platinum electrodes and zirconium crucibles also available.  Complete product line for the temperature measurements and evaporation materials.  We export to mineral testing laboratories, petrochemical and cement industries.  We offer the refining services to reclaim value from the used precious metals.  Our Sales Team can assist you in three languages.  Visit www.kplscientific.com for more information.




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