[1997 Exhibitors]

The 1997 Denver X-ray Conference™, 46th in the series was held August 4-8, 1997, in Steamboat Springs Colorado, in conjunction with the 1997  X-TOP Symposium on High Resolution Diffraction and X-ray Topography. The first two days of the conference were devoted to tutorial workshops on a number of topics including:

Applications of  
Microfluorescence & Microdiffraction  
(M. Eatough)  
Composition Depth-Profiling by Combined Grazing-Incidence XRF and vendor 
(D. K. Bowen) 
Amorphous Scattering  
(A. C. Wright and G. R. Mitchell)  
Specimen Preparation for XRD  
(D. Smith and R. Jenkins)  
Orientation in Polymers 
(G. R. Mitchell)  
Applications of Neutron Diffraction  
(C. R. Hubbard)  
Heteroepitaxial Layers & Semiconductor Substrates I, II  
(M. Halliwell and  
I. C. Bassignana)  
Crystal Chemistry Applied to  
XRD Phase Identification I, II  
(G. J. McCarthy, D. K. Smith,  
P. W. Wallace, R. L. Snyder) 
Specimen Preparation for XRF 
(V. Buhrke)  
Basics of XRF Analysis  
(R. Jenkins and J. V. Gilfrich)  
XRF Analysis of Light Elements  
(M. Mantler)  
Quantitative Techniques and Errors in XRF  
(J. A. Anzelmo)  
Quantitative XRF Analysis - Fundamental Parameters  
(B. Vrebos)  
In Vivo XRF Analysis  
(R. Gardner and L. Wielopolski) 

The remaining three days were devoted to special sessions, contributed sessions and poster sessions on a variety of topics. In particular, the Plenary Session on X-ray Analysis and Characterization of Thin Films, organized by I. C. Noyan, IBM, Yorktown Heights, NY, which was held in the upper gondola terminal on Mt. Werner was a highlight of the conference, featuring the following invited papers:

High Resolution X-ray Diffraction Applied to Strain Relaxation of Lattice Mismatched Semiconductor Films - P. M. Mooney and J. L. Jordan-Sweet, IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY

High Resolution X-ray Diffraction and Process Control of InP-Based Long-Wavelength Lasers - J. M. Vandenberg, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ

Synchrotron White Beam X-ray Topography Studies of Semiconductor Substrate Crystals - M. Dudley, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY

Characterization of Thin Films by Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering - D. K. Bowen, M. Wormington and C. R. Thomas, Bede Scientific, Englewood, CO

The 1997 Barrett Award for X-ray Diffraction was presented to James D. Jorgensen of ANL, Argonne, IL, and ICDD special awards were presented to G. J. McCarthy of North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND and P. K. Predecki, University of Denver, Denver, CO.

Other special sessions (with the organizers shown in parentheses) and contributed sessions were as follows:

Analysis and Characterization of Thin Films II, XRD and XRF  
(T. C. Huang and 
P.-W. Wang)   
Applications of Microfluorescence and Microdiffraction I & II  
(G. Havrilla and B.R. York) 
Polymers I: Time-Resolved SAXS/WAXS Investigations  
(B. L. Farmer and  
B. S. Hsiao)   
Applications of Rietveld Analysis  
(R. Von Dreele)  
Polymers II: Polymer Structure and Morphology  
(G. R. Mitchell and  
N. S. Murthy)   
Polymers III: Amorphous Materials  
(R. Barton and  
A. C. Wright)   
Neutron Diffraction Applications  
(J. Richardson and  
T. Lorentzen)   
Strain and Stress Determination By Diffraction  
(B. Clemens)   
XRD Applications I (mostly peak broadening) 
(R. Jenkins and  
B. H. O'Connor)   
XRD Applications II (texture, structure)  
(R. J. DeAngelis and  
F. Heidelbach) 
In Vivo XRF Analysis  
(R. P. Gardner and  
L. Wielopolski)   
Geological and Mineralogical Applications of XRF  
(J. Taggart and J. Willis)   
Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Applications  
(M. A. Zaitz and  
C. Streli)   
Quantitative Applications of XRF  
(J. V. Gilfrich and  
M. Mantler)   
General XRF Applications  
(V. Buhrke and  
R. VanGrieken) 
X-Top-1: High Resolution Diffraction and X-Ray Topography  
(M. Goorsky and R. Matyi)   
X-Top-2: High-Resolution Diffraction and  
X-Ray Topography  
(M. Wormington and  
P. Moran)   
X-Top-3 High-Resolution Diffraction and X-Ray Topography  
(M. Dudley and W. Beard)   
X-TOP-4: High-Resolution Diffraction and  
X-Ray Topography  
(R. Armstrong) 

The conference proceedings will be published in CD-ROM form by the ICDD. Exhibits of X-ray and related equipment by 32 companies were available for perusal during the conference week.

The conference was marked by the usual exceptionally friendly atmosphere engendered by the attendees and the exhibitors. The latter are to be congratulated on the opulence and quality of their receptions which did much to further the spirit of cameraderie and cooperation. The hotel put on a wonderful conference dinner, which was followed by a memorable performance by the Barbershop quartet: The Powdermen (Ron Jenkins, Jim Kaduk, Greg McCarthy and Walt Schreiner), with contributions from various national groups in the audience. An enjoyable and informative time was had by all.

This year marks the last year that the conference will be organized and sponsored by the University of Denver, Department of Engineering, with P.K. Predecki as Conference Chairman. These tasks will henceforth be assumed by the ICDD, with Ron Jenkins as Conference Chairman.

Paul K. Predecki - October 1997

1997 Exhibitors:
Advanced Materials Identification and Analysis, Inc.
Amptek, Inc.
Automated Fusion Technology
Bede Scientific
Bertan High Voltage
Blake Industries, Inc.
Chemplex Industries, Inc.
Edax International
Hecus M. Braun-Graz X-ray Systems
Institute for Roentgen Optics
Kevex Instruments, Inc.
Materials Data, Inc.
Moxtek, Inc.
Osmic, Inc.
Oxford Instruments, Inc.
Philips Electronic Instruments Co.
Polycrystal Book Service
Rigaku/USA, Inc.
Scintag, Inc.
Seifert X-ray Corporation
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Siemens Analytical X-ray Systems, Inc.
SPEX Certiprep, Inc.
Stony Brook Synchrotron Topography Station, NSLS
TN Spectrace
Universal Voltronics
Veeco Instruments, Inc.
X-ray Instrumentation Associates
X-ray Optical Systems, Inc.