48th Annual (1999) Denver X-ray Conference™
1999 Program at a Glance

Meeting Rooms: SP = Sunshine Peak, BR = Buddy’s Run, TWI = Twilight, RB = Rainbow, SKY = Skyline, SUN = Sunset

Sun. eve.: 5:30–7:30 Welcoming Reception Sponsored by: Bede Scientific, SPEX CertiPrep & Claisse Scientifique (SP)
Day & Time XRD & XRF XRD XRF
MON. am:
W-1 Use of the Web as a Resource
Kottenhahn/Faber (TWI)
W-2 ISO 9000 and Standards—XRD
Goldsmith (SP)
W-3 How to Set Up an XRF Analytical Process
MON. pm:
  W-4 Two-dimensional Detectors
Blanton (BR)
W-5 Quantitative XRF—Standardless Methods
Anzelmo (SP)
MON. eve.: 6:30–8:30 - Bruker AXS, Inc. Reception and XRF Poster Session (Chairs: Havrilla/Ebel)
Sponsored by: Bruker AXS, Inc. (SP)
TUE. am:
W-6 Accuracy Through Optimum Calibration
Jenkins/Snyder (SP)
W-7 Public Domain Software
Faber/Huang (RB)
W-8 ISO 9000 and Standards—XRF
Zaitz/Havrilla (BR)

W-9 Surface Analysis
Ebel/Ebel/Streli (TWI)

TUE. pm:
  W-10 Rietveld Analysis
Young/Bish (BR)

W-11 Polymer Data Analysis
Murthy (TWI)

W-12 Computational Method for XRF
Lachance/Criss (RB)

W-13 Specimen Preparation—XRF
Buhrke et al (SP)

TUE. eve.: 6:30–8:30 - MDI and Rigaku/USA Reception and XRD Poster Session (Chairs: Predecki/Snyder) Sponsored by: MDI & Rigaku/USA (SP)
WED. am.: 8:30–12:00 noon - Plenary Session: "X-rays in Space" Barton/Buhrke (Upper Gondola Terminal)
WED. pm:
C-1 Grazing Beam X-ray Analysis
Snyder/Huang (BR)

C-2 Topography & Absorption Analysis
Stock/Ebel (SKY) 1/4 day

D-1 Applications of Diffraction to Pharmaceutical Analysis
Rendle/Stephenson (SKY) 1/4 day

D-2 Rietveld Applications I
Bish/Smith (SP)

D-3 Polymers I: Diffraction Studies of Industrial Polymer-Based Materials Platforms
Schwartz/Blanton (RB)

F-1 Applications of XRF to Industrial Problems
Jenkins/Hagopian-Babikian (TWI)
THURS. am:
C-3 Synchrotron Applications
Jordan-Sweet/O’Connor (BR)
D-4 Rietveld Applications II
Misture/McCarthy (SP)

D-5 Polymers II: In Situ Scattering/Diffraction Characterization of Polymers
Hsiao/Barton (RB)

D-6 Diffraction Stress Analysis I
Noyan/Sasaki (SKY)

F-2 Analysis of Thin Films by XRF
Wilson/Havrilla (TWI)

F-3 Mathematical Methods for XRF
Mantler/Criss (SUN)

THURS. pm:
  D-7 High Resolution XRD
Mooney/Kavanagh (SP)

D-8 Polymers III: Characterization of Complex Mesostructures Using Small Angle Scattering
Bunning/Vaia (RB)

D-9 Diffraction Stress Analysis II
Kämpfe/Hirose (BR)

F-4 TXRF: Semiconductor Applications,Micro/Chemical Applications, Instrumentation/Thin Films
Wobrauschek/Zaitz/Prange (TWI)
THURS. eve.: 7:00 Conference Dinner (SP)
FRI. am:
C-4 Non-traditional Paradigms in Data Processing
Noyan/Wern (TWI)

C-5 X-ray Instrumentation & Other Applications
Berti/Broton (SP)

  F-5 Applications of XRF: Environmental Problems, Low Detection Limits
Gohshi/Dando (BR)

Any changes to be reflected in the Book of Abstracts.