48th Annual (1999) Denver X-ray Conference™
Guidelines for the Preparation of Visual Aids

The guidelines given here are intended as an aid for the preparation of posters, transparencies and slides. The goal of visual aids is to disseminate information in a concise, effective manner to facilitate understanding.


  • Posters should be easily read from a distance of 1 to 2 meters
  • Lettering on both text and graphics should be sharp, not less than 4 mm high
  • Center title, author, and affiliation at top of poster, in lettering not less than 8 mm high
  • Extract and elaborate pertinent points
  • Tell a complete story in a logical sequence [introduction® development® conclusion]
  • Use sentences (not paragraphs) or a bulleted list

Assembly: Authors may elect to prepare their posters on conventional 8½" by 11" or A4 paper for ease in traveling. Please plan for assembly onto four foot high by eight foot wide display boards at the conference site. Authors are reminded that pushpins are required for posting onto the display boards; please remember to bring them.


  • Lettering should be large enough to be viewed from the rear of the room
  • Limit the amount of text to a 7" by 9" area in the center of an 8½" by 11" (or A4) transparency, portrait (vertical) style
  • Prepare duplicate transparencies if you plan to refer to the same transparency at different times


  • Limit the amount of information
  • Choose large lettering to be viewed easily from the rear of the room
  • Each slide should contain a single main idea
  • Landscape (horizontal) format should be used
  • Choose colors which provide contrast
  • Use duplicate slides if you plan to refer to the same slide at different times
  • Avoid using a combination of thick (glass or some plastic) and thin (cardboard) mounts with auto focus projectors

General Guidelines:

  • For oral presentations, plan one visual per minute to allow audience to assimilate the contents
  • Evaluate presentation material from the viewers’ perspective
  • Visuals should be simple, clear and concise