49th Annual (2000) Denver X-ray Conference™
Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel
Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
July 31 - August 4

49th Annual (2000) DXC > Program at a Glance
Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel 
 Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
July 31- August 4


Sun. eve.: 
5:30–7:30 Welcoming Reception 
Sponsored by: Bede Scientific, SPEX CertiPrep & Claisse Scientifique (Atrium)
Day & Time XRD & XRF XRD XRF
MON. am:



W-1 New Methods of Beam Conditioning
Faber/Bowen (A)


W-2 Hands On Rietveld Analysis I
Dinnebier/Antipov (B)

W-3 Alignment & Standards
Cline/Cheary (C)

W-4 Practical TXRF
Zaitz/Wobrauschek/Streli (D)

MON. pm:



     W-5 Hands On Rietveld Analysis II
Dinnebier/Antipov (B)

W-6 Analysis of Micron Size Specimens
Goehner (A

W-7 Introduction to XRF
Jenkins/Croke (C)

W-8 Analysis of Layered Materials by XRF
Dirken (D)

MON. eve.: 
6:30–8:30 Philips Analytical Reception and XRD Poster Session I (Huang/Snyder) 
Sponsored by: Philips Analytical (Evergreen)
TUE. am:


     W-9 Residual Stress Analysis
Noyan/Goldsmith (A)

W-10 Phase Transformation
Jones (B)

W-11 Specimen Preparation XRF I
Buhrke et al (C)

W-12 Fundamental Parameters
Mantler (D)

TUE. pm:


     W-13 Grazing Incidence
Huang/Harada (B)

W-14 Texture Analysis
De Angelis/Schaeben (D)

W-15 Specimen Preparation XRF II
Buhrke (C)

W-16 Quantitative Analysis – Standardless Methods
Anzelmo (A)

TUE. eve.:
6:30–8:30 MDI and Rigaku/USA Reception and XRD Poster Session II (O’Connor/Predecki) 
Sponsored by: MDI & Rigaku/USA (Evergreen)
WED. am.: 8:30–12:00 noon Plenary Session: "X-ray Analysis in the 21 st Century" (Jenkins/Predecki) (Evergreen)
WED. pm:


C-1 Problems & Solutions in XRD/XRF
Buhrke/Smith (A)


D-1 Rietveld Analysis
Dinnebier/Antipov (B)

D-2 Mesostructure Analysis 
Snyder/Barton (C)

F-1 Industrial Applications of XRF I
Wilson/Broton (D)
WED. eve: 
6:30 – 8:30 Bruker AXS, Inc. Reception and XRF Poster Session (van Grieken/Havrilla) 
Sponsored by: Bruker AXS, Inc. (Evergreen)
THURS. am:


C-2 Microbeam Techniques I
Ice/Noyan (E&F)

D-3Stress Analysis I
Fiala/Winholtz (B)

D-4 Phase Transformations and Reactions I
Üstündag/Bourke (C)

F-2New Developments in XRF I
Buhrke/Zaitz (D)
THURS. pm:


C-3 Microbeam TechniquesII
Ice/Noyan (E&F)

D-5Stress Analysis II
Predecki/Sasaki (B)

D-6 Phase Transformations and Reactions II
Üstündag /Bourke (C)

D-7 New Developments in XRD
Instrumentation I
Misture/Ungar (A)

F-3New Developments in XRF II
Zaitz/Buhrke (D)
THURS. eve.
5:00 – 6:00 IXAS (Conifer)  
7:00 Conference Dinner. (Guest Lecturer, D.K. Smith) (Evergreen)
FRI. am:


     D-8 New Developments in XRD Instrumentation II
Misture/O’Connor (A)

D-9 D-9 Thin films Analysis XRD
Huang/Lin/Harada (B)

F-4 Industrial Applications of XRF II
Baker/Havrilla (D)

F-5 Quantitative XRF & Software
Mantler/van Grieken (C)

Meeting Rooms are noted in parentheses: All sessions will be held in a section(s) of the Evergreen Ballroom—Sections A, B, C, D, E or F.