Powder Diffraction and the Denver X-ray Conference 

In order to better serve the X-ray analysis community, Powder Diffraction and the organizing committee of the Denver X-ray Conference have agreed to a collaboration that will result in increased services for the subscribers of Powder Diffraction and authors of Advances in X-ray Analysis, the proceedings of the Denver X-ray Conference. Powder Diffraction will annually publish a preview program of the Denver X-ray Conference (DXC) in the June issue. Included with the online edition of Powder Diffraction will be active links to both the DXC authors and DXC titles enabling subscribers of Powder Diffraction to search by author or subject for the ~125 oral presentations made at the conference. Proceedings of the conference will continue to be published in an annual issue of Advances in X-ray Analysis. As a result of the collaboration, the first quarter issue of Powder Diffraction (January 2004) will be devoted to select advance publications from the proceedings. These publications will be selected by the Denver X-ray Conference organizing committee representing the best in X-ray analysis and materials characterization. These papers can cover a range of subjects such as X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, or special topics in X-ray analysis. 

In 2004, an increase will be added to the subscription fee of Powder Diffraction, so that subscribers of Powder Diffraction who receive print or joint print and online versions may also receive the CD-ROM of Volume 47, Advances in X-ray Analysis. This will effectively double the number of articles annually available to Powder Diffraction subscribers at a fraction of the cost. This service will start in 2004 since Advances in X-ray Analysis is typically published in the year following the conference. It is our hope and desire that this collaboration will result in the increased exposure of the best of X-ray analysis to the international community. 

ICDD and MPDS Announce Collaboration 

The International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) is pleased to announce a collaborative agreement between the ICDD, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, Newtown Square, PA, USA and Material Phases Data Systems (MPDS), a Swiss corporation headquartered in Vitznau, Switzerland. The ICDD is a scientific organization founded by and dedicated to scientists working in the field of X-ray analysis. MPDS, with Dr. Pierre Villars as president, is focused on inorganic materials and design systems. ICDD maintains, distributes and owns copyright and database rights to the Powder Diffraction File (PDF). MPDS compiles and edits physical property, structural, diffraction and constitutional data for the purposes of inorganic materials correlation and design. MPDS has distribution rights to the Linus Pauling File (LPF). The collaborative agreement will result in the incorporation of inorganic structural data (S-entry) from the LPF into the PDF-4 relational database format of the Powder Diffraction File. Join us on Monday evening from 5:006:00 for a kick-off celebration sponsored by ICDD to announce our collaboration with MPDS.

For more information please contact Denise Zulli - zulli@icdd.com